Jul 31, 2014

Blueberry Harvest

Our Blueberry bushes were put in years ago. They are in a part of the yard that sometimes doesn't always receive my utmost attention.

Between the deer and the birds, there hasn't been too much left on the bushes for us. Netting may be in order for next year!

Todays harvest was a modest harvest....but, a harvest none the less!

Jul 22, 2014

Seeds or bulbs?

The onions on the left were started from bulbs from the store and the onions on the right were started from seed. Granted they are two different varieties, but the bulb starts went right to seed with no bulbing at at all. 

The onions that we started  by seed, are cruising along doing just fine. This is the second time we've had this happen....and from now on, all of our onions will be planted from seed!

Jul 21, 2014

Sneaking Spuds

freshly harvested baby red potatoes

To sneak.... or not to sneak?

I just couldn't help myself... 

Had to sneak out a few baby red potatoes, for creamed  potatoes and peas. One of my all time favorites for dinner!

Jul 20, 2014

Removing Suckers

Do you remove suckers from your Tomato plants? Or, do you just leave well enough alone? 
This year, I am removing the suckers for the first time... We will see,  if it makes a noticeable difference or not. 

Speaking of suckers, I found a yucky Tomato Worm on my plant today and it sure  made a tasty snack for the chickens! 

Looks like I will be on the look out  for more!

Jul 19, 2014

Berries... Berries...Berries!

 Berries are on like Gang Busters...
We have picked over 13 lbs., with no end in sight!
We have enough to share with friends...and enjoy plenty of fresh, tasty treats

Sunny faces....

Just make me "HAPPY"
Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers...these beauties have been in bloom for about a week and are sprinkled throughout the garden....I  just love them!!!

Jul 17, 2014

Time to Harvest Garlic

The heat of Summer and the middle of July marks the time for us to pull and harvest Garlic... Yellow tops are a telltale sign! If you wait to long, your bulbs will start to open up.
We sourced our garlic bulbs from Grey Duck Garlic last fall. We chose Georgian Crystal,Bogatyr, and Chesnok Red. 

Their bulbs were amazing! 

They arrive big, clean, and clearly labeled. 
The Grey Duck Garlic Farm is located in Moscow, ID. 

While my garlic didn't get as big as I would have liked, it is beautiful. 
Looks like I will be doing more amending to the soil for the Garlic rows this Fall.
Garlic has been cleaned, labeled, and hung on the drying rack in the shed to dry.

Sweet Pea...Apple of my eye!

This is the first year for us to have sweet peas growing around the garden....Just wondering what heck took us so long to add them, because....I'm in love!

Jul 15, 2014

Blanching and Freezing the Harvest

Blanched fresh Peas
Peas have been picked, shelled, blanched and now placed in the freezer. It really puts it into perspective on how much work goes into a bag a peas,  most people take for granted running to the store and buying a bag of frozen peas for $ .99 
fresh blanched peas ready for freezing
The work is worth it, and knowing where your food comes from, just makes it that much more tasty!

Indian Glass Gem Corn

The Indian glass gem corn is starting to shoot up..as the old saying goes....Knee high by the 4th of July! We checked on the 4th. and sure enough, it was well over our knees. I didn't plant any sweet corn this year, as I just haven't had the best of luck growing it.
I saved space in this bed to hopefully start a row of Winter veggies that will be covered with a low tunnel. This garden doesn't have deer fencing surrounding it, so what ever I plant there....is at my own risk!

Jul 14, 2014

Jul 6, 2014

Finishing touches

The finishing touches have been made on the greenhouse... A wooden walkway made from recycled barn wood has been added.
Greenhouse in zone 5b North Idaho
Along each side of the walkway, new flower beds have been put in,
inside the greenhouse in North Idaho
 inside...all the shelving has been painted.
Enjoying another finished project....and
all the new beautiful flowers!
Red Rocks Penstemon blooming in my North Idaho garden

Dwarf Sunflowers blooming in my North Idaho garden

Jul 3, 2014

Look who's walking!

Egyptian Walking Onions have started to walk through the herb garden..I may need to find a more permanent home for them, where they will be able to freely roam where they will.

First one of the Season

The little Tiny Tim tomato plant in the greenhouse is loaded with blossoms and loads of green tomatoes. It's just starting to ripen fruit...I have been patiently waiting to eat  the first home grown tomato of 2014. It was worth the wait ;-)

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