Jul 30, 2017

Working overtime

The ladies have been working overtime in the coop...

I always enjoy the simple chore of collecting eggs....unless one of the ladies has eaten her Wheaties and is in full blown "Broody Hen" mode. Some how it takes the fun out of it when they're testy.

Jul 27, 2017

Let the sunshine in...

Heating up here in the Northwest... with no rain in sight my garden welcomes in the morning light. The self-seeded sunflowers are standing proud and tall and are just beginning to smile upon my little spot of Heaven.

Jul 23, 2017


This weekends fun find.... the cutest little hand carved Welsh Love Spoon.
A little history.... 
The carver of a love spoon would incorporate certain designs into his spoon, meant to convey a special meaning to the lucky recipient of the spoon. The spoon is symbolic and it tells the recipient that the he wishes to keep her and provide her with food and with everything else that she may need.

A heart told her that he was giving his heart to her. 

The links in a chain told her how many children he wanted. A chain could also indicate the linking of their lives together.

A diamond shape cut into the spoon expressed the hope of good fortune and wealth.

The keyhole told her that his home was hers.

How sweet is that?

Jul 22, 2017

Saving Seeds

Drying on the vine and saving pea seeds...I love how the sun shines through and illuminates the pods

Jul 21, 2017

The smallest Flower Garden

 Wish there were more hours to my day....The smallest flower garden at my day job get's the least of my attention! There are weeds, dry and parched conditions and sheer neglect yet still, musters up the energy to share it's beauty.  Little garden, thank you for your patience and believing in me when most times I struggle to believe in myself ❤

Jul 18, 2017

Cheyenne Spirit

The earliest coneflower to bloom in my  Garden...

Cheyenne Spirit

I love all the colors it throws.

Jul 17, 2017

Teenie Weenie's

Just a teenie weenie Zucchini harvest.

Trying to catch them before they grow out of control ;-)

Jul 16, 2017

Lavender a must!

My garden wouldn't be complete without the addition of Lavender....

Today's small harvest has scented the entire house. 

I like to place all the discarded leaves and broken stems in a pan of water,  to steep on the stovetop for a little while. The scent is amazing!!!!

The little bundles will be hung to dry.

Jul 12, 2017

Morning harvest

Finding peace within my soul as my hands quietly work and harvest berries in the early morning sunlight. I tune in and only think about the songs that the birds are singing and the humming of the bees as they begin their workday.

Any care, doubt or worry that I may have had is pushed to the farthest part of my mind. 

There is PEACE in my heart...there is PEACE in my soul....and there is PEACE in my garden!

Before I know it...the berries are picked and the Harvest for the day is done.

Jul 10, 2017

Summer Nights

Ahhh ...Summer nights!

Nothing beats a dip in our North Idaho hot tub beneath the Grape Arbor

A great way to end the day after yard chores.

Jul 5, 2017

Old Man Cedar

When we purchased our place over 20 years ago....The property was so overgrown with Cedar that it actually felt like we lived in a dark rainforest. Wanting to open up the yard for the kids to play and make a space for a large garden....Logging needed to be done.  

The wise old Cedar tree with the creeping Virginia was commissioned to stay and has faithfully stood watch over the family through the years.

I'm quite fond of this wise old man!

Jul 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July America

Flags are up....We will happily celebrate America with pride!

One Nation under God...with Liberty and Justice for all!

The heat is on...

Heat is taking a toll on my garden.... The tomatoes are hanging in there, but the leaves are starting to curl. This is the first time I've noticed this with my garden...So definitely something for me to keep tabs on this season.

My garden cucumbers have pretty much bit the dust...Let's just say I'm not going to hold my breath for a miracle to happen. Looks like I will be pickling green beans this Summer.

On the brighter side, the greenhouse slicers are rocking and rolling...Super sweet, tasty and prolific. 

Jul 3, 2017

A little good Luck

 In many cultures around the world, the frog is considered a symbol of good luck.  

As they start to appear when the weather warms up and have traditionally been associated with new beginnings.

We are happy to welcome good luck to our garden!

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