Feb 20, 2014

Let the planting begin...

Clean seed trays
It was high time to clean the seed trays and get the planting under 
way for 2014. 
soil block maker
Playing in the potting soil and making blocks for the Ailsa Craig 
onion seeds. 
Soil block
Loving the opportunity to get my hands dirty :-)
Dirty hands
I found the secret to making perfect soil blocks is using a pretty wet mix. Pressing against a solid surface while
releasing from the mold. This makes a perfect block every time!
After seeds are planted in the blocks... I add a little vermiculite for a 
light cover and keep those tiny seeds in place.
onion seed
with a variety of seeds...
tray of seeds
What have you got started for your gardens this year

Feb 16, 2014

Seed Schedule 2014 begins

 Here is a look at at seed varieties we will be planting in our North Idaho garden this year...

Some varieties are tried and true heirlooms that we have been saving seeds from for the past few years, while others were gifts from family, friends, and neighbors. Some were random impulse purchases, picked up here and there.

As I filed through the seed box this winter, I realized we would need very little new seeds.

The only seeds to be added this year are Cauliflower, Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers and a new variety of peppers that we haven't decided on yet.

I am enthusiastic about planting the Singing Heart Surprise Seeds.

I actually picked them up here  in August of 2012. They are a complete mystery, I think that is what excites me the most....Crossing my fingers it's not a noxious weed. They were found near the old garden site, that has been completely overtaken by grass.

Anyone know what they are?
Our best guess is...Rhubarb seeds

Feb 10, 2014

Where is the LOVE?

It's at the Cedar House!
sun streaming through heart patterned lace curtains
 After having the yuck these past 2 weeks....I am overjoyed to finally be feeling better!
Looks like the sun had the same thoughts this weekend as it streamed through the valances and cast hearts across the kitchen. I thoroughly welcomed the LOVE as it bounced and danced it's way about!

Heart shadows cast across the flour jar at the Cedar House kitchen
With Valentine's Day just around the corner and renewed inspiration from the sun, I blissfully dove into my sewing box and happily stitched together a little piece of my heart.

Hand stitched Linen hearts

Feb 5, 2014

Oh Snap!

icicles hanging down from the eves of the house

Cold Snap...that is!

The bitter cold weather has arrived...with temps dropping well below zero and wind chills even lower,
we will happily throw another log on the fire and stay cozy and warm in our little Cedar House.

icicles hanging down from the eves of the house

Feb 4, 2014

Best Laid Plans...looking ahead to my 2014 vegetable garden

As the snow falls softly and quietly around the house, 
  I am thankful to be tucked inside by the fire... 
  Planning and preparing for this years vegetable garden. 
Planting begins this month... I can't wait to play in the dirt again!!!

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