Feb 16, 2014

Seed Schedule 2014 begins

 Here is a look at at seed varieties we will be planting in our North Idaho garden this year...

Some varieties are tried and true heirlooms that we have been saving seeds from for the past few years, while others were gifts from family, friends, and neighbors. Some were random impulse purchases, picked up here and there.

As I filed through the seed box this winter, I realized we would need very little new seeds.

The only seeds to be added this year are Cauliflower, Strawberry Blonde Sunflowers and a new variety of peppers that we haven't decided on yet.

I am enthusiastic about planting the Singing Heart Surprise Seeds.

I actually picked them up here  in August of 2012. They are a complete mystery, I think that is what excites me the most....Crossing my fingers it's not a noxious weed. They were found near the old garden site, that has been completely overtaken by grass.

Anyone know what they are?
Our best guess is...Rhubarb seeds

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