Dec 28, 2016

Getting organized

Taking a little time to get some organizing in now that the Holidays have passed....

First up sorting and organizing my seed case.

The box always gets tossed around and rummaged thru during the gardening season. It's nice to take a moment and get it all straightened out before the upcoming gardening begins.  

I make notes of any seeds I may need...

The only seed needed this year is Zucchini but I will still be window shopping all the seed catalogs, of course! 

Dec 12, 2016

Something Peaceful this way comes...

first blanket of snow to cover my zone5 garden

My garden has been covered with it's first thin blanket of pure white snow....An eraser of sorts, a time for rest, a time for peace and a time to reflect on just how "Thankful" I am for this little plot of earth.

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