Mar 30, 2017

Soil can now be worked

Guess who's soil can now be worked?
You guessed it....My garden is completely melted out and planting is under way!

Trying a "new to us" Open Pollinated Seed from Turtle Tree Seeds. You can click over to their link here: Turtle Tree Seeds Schweizer Riesen Snow Peas

and the peas that I had neglected to harvest last fall, have already begun to reseed and sprout themselves.

A bonus for me!!!

Mar 26, 2017

Inside the garden Gate

Oh..... the joy of opening my garden gate after the longest Winter ever!

I took advantage of this Sunday afternoon to plant some Poppy seeds and pull some spuds from the mini root cellar.

If you remember last fall...

I decided to try and store the potatoes in the ground through the Winter. You can read more about that here: Always something to be thankful for!

We never did get around to that piece of plywood covering before the snow came....We improvised and threw and old saucer sled on for a make-shift lid and a bag of leaves for insulation and good measure.

I am happy to report...It worked like a charm!

The spuds are perfect, ready to eat and exactly the way I left them last fall.

I also found a few surprises in the garden that have just freshly melted from under the snow...Turnips...Peas...and Onions!

2017 Gardening has officially started!

Mar 22, 2017


We are FINALLY showing signs of this yucky old snow starting to melt...

 Good riddance!

 A corner of the garden is peaking out and the chickens are just as happy as their gardener.

With plenty of rain in the forecast, the snow is sure to disappear.

Mar 12, 2017

Couldn't stand it any longer

 Glorious sunshine.... Oh, how I've missed you!

I just couldn't stand it any longer and had to shovel my way out to the cold frames. Although the snow is still knee deep, it was so worth the 30 minutes of shoveling!!!

I worked up enough of a sweat to take my hoodie off and soak up some much-needed vitamin D.

For me this marks the first sign of Spring...I look forward to cracking them open after a long Winter.

Worth the effort... I was rewarded with green things, beautiful green things... 
The quintessential color of March!

Four Seasons Lettuce

Tom Thumb Lettuce

Golden Acre Cabbage

 monstrueux de viroflay Spinach
and loads of tiny Mache'

Mar 5, 2017

She waits...........

This sweetest little garden angel and trowel melted out from under a blanket of ice and snow yesterday.

Like the gardener, the little angel waits...

Snow today and even more snow to come this week, we shall muster up a little more patience!

An old saying states, that if there is an abundance of pine cones on the trees before winter...It's a sign of a harsh Winter to come.

I don't necessarily think it's been a harsh Winter, but it has indeed been a rather long one! 

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