Mar 26, 2017

Inside the garden Gate

Oh..... the joy of opening my garden gate after the longest Winter ever!

I took advantage of this Sunday afternoon to plant some Poppy seeds and pull some spuds from the mini root cellar.

If you remember last fall...

I decided to try and store the potatoes in the ground through the Winter. You can read more about that here: Always something to be thankful for!

We never did get around to that piece of plywood covering before the snow came....We improvised and threw and old saucer sled on for a make-shift lid and a bag of leaves for insulation and good measure.

I am happy to report...It worked like a charm!

The spuds are perfect, ready to eat and exactly the way I left them last fall.

I also found a few surprises in the garden that have just freshly melted from under the snow...Turnips...Peas...and Onions!

2017 Gardening has officially started!

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