Feb 22, 2015

Turning the Pile

Taking advantage of yet another beautiful day here in the Northwest. It's time to turn and add to the compost pile....

Layers of old hay and aged chicken poop were added to the mix.

 I got a flat tire hauling chicken poop.... uggg!

 I should have plenty of rich, dark, compost to work with when planting time rolls around!!

Feb 21, 2015

Growing Sweet Potato Slips Week # 2

It's only been 2 weeks since placing the sweet potatoes in water and they have already started to establish roots and little nubby shoots.

Feb 20, 2015

Can You Believe This is February In North Idaho

Hey look...No Socks!!!!

February Harvest

 While most of the East Coast is buried in snow and frigid temps....We are enjoying the unusually warm weather here in North Idaho.
While taking a stroll in my melted out garden, I discovered a row of carrots that were planted late last season. 

I had forgotten to cover and protect these little gems before winter arrived. I was surprised they had survived with no protection at all.
They are small, but very sweet and tasty!
I just can not believe this weather .... and I know it can change in a blink of an eye!
So for now... I am one content gardener!!!!

Feb 8, 2015

Planting in February

Champion Radish Seeds -Cherry Belle Type
After days of rain, the Sun finally decided to peak out...It was beautiful and abnormally warm for this time of year.  I took advantage of the weather and planted a few garden goodies, pushing the limits and testing seed hardiness for my growing zone.. 

Who says you can't garden in the Winter?

Sprouted Radish Seeds

Radish seeds are amazing. After soaking, these little guys unfolded overnight and begged to be put in the dirt. 

The main garden is still under snow, but the soil in the greenhouse is totally workable.

Square Foot Planting Board

I also planted a few squares of beets in the greenhouse too.

Starting Sugar Beets in cold frames in North Idaho Zone 5 Garden

White Sugar beets were planted in one of the cold frames. The seeds are covered with vermiculite to make it easier to identify seeds from the weeds. There are a few Spinach and lettuce starts in this frame as well, and they should really take off after February 15th.,  when the daylight hours are up to 10 hrs. again.

Melting out

Chives are the first thing to show in my zone 5 garden
The chives have started to wake up from their Winter's nap, inside the greenhouse...Such a welcoming sign to see the first glimpse of Spring.
Cold Frames melting out from the snow in  Zone 5 Garden
I have been keeping the cold frames shoveled out, allowing access thru the Winter...With the rains this week, the snow is melting away from this spot first.

Inside the cold frames...The Mache' has overwintered well and is happily growing along. 
overwintered Mache' in Zone 5
Eager for the snow to leave my garden faster, I shoveled the paths clear.
Eager for the snow to leave my garden faster, I shoveled the paths clear. Only 39 days until SPRING!!!!

Feb 7, 2015

Starting Sweet Potato Slips

Do you love Sweet Potatoes as much as we do?
This year we will try and grow sweet Potatoes in our garden. 

We will be growing our own slips using USDA certified Organic Sweet Potatoes that we purchased from Costco.
We've cut the Potatoes in half ...

Placed them in a container of water and put them in a sunny location in the kitchen window and will wait for sprouting and rooting to occur.

Feb 5, 2015

I Know Better!

I can't help myself.....It's a seed disorder!

I know better than to go into any Home Improvement, Garden, or Farm and Feed store that is selling seeds this time of year!

Those little colorful packets just draw me in...They can spot this sucker a mile away.

I fall for it


A few more seeds added to my ever growing  list, shouldn't hurt...right?

By the way....Did you know that you can meet the nicest old men in the seed packet isle ready and willing to talk your ear off about starting petunias and saving carrots in buckets of sand...

Looks like I'm not the only one with Spring Fever!

Feb 1, 2015

The Plans

Here is a look at tentative plans using the Grow veg garden Planner for my 2015 vegetable gardens. Planning for early crops, main crops, and winter crops.

The Main Vegetable Garden

The Upper Garden

In order for this garden to work , I will need to get deer fencing installed...Otherwise it is pointless to plant and have it devoured by Deer. 

A low row tunnel is also planned in this garden for a Winter Harvest of Lettuce, Mache, Turnips, Carrots, Beets, and Cabbage.

Raised beds in the Greenhouse 

Greenhouse planting is planned to harvest Peppers, Tomatoes and Butternut Squash for Summer and Carrots and Parsnips for Winter harvest.

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