Dec 29, 2015


One of our girls has been laying rather large eggs the past couple of days.

"Jumbo" just does not describe how big these double yolkers are.  

Just 3 eggs equaled a half dozen

Dec 26, 2015


My pullets recently started laying but it took us a little while to figure it out, because there was a thief in the hen house...

We finally caught the egg snatcher red handed! 

It was none other than....... Daisy!


Our 13 year old Basset Hound had discovered the joys of nice, warm, fresh laid eggs. After we caught her and blocked the coop run....We have now magically had 7 fresh eggs daily. 

That darn dog!!!!

Well her shenanigans are over and we are once again enjoying farm fresh eggs.

Dec 22, 2015

In the "Frosty" air

We may not be doing much gardening this time of year but that doesn't stop us from enjoying the greenhouse. 

 Christmas snow is here and my garden is fast asleep beneath it all!

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