Dec 28, 2016

Getting organized

Taking a little time to get some organizing in now that the Holidays have passed....

First up sorting and organizing my seed case.

The box always gets tossed around and rummaged thru during the gardening season. It's nice to take a moment and get it all straightened out before the upcoming gardening begins.  

I make notes of any seeds I may need...

The only seed needed this year is Zucchini but I will still be window shopping all the seed catalogs, of course! 

Dec 12, 2016

Something Peaceful this way comes...

first blanket of snow to cover my zone5 garden

My garden has been covered with it's first thin blanket of pure white snow....An eraser of sorts, a time for rest, a time for peace and a time to reflect on just how "Thankful" I am for this little plot of earth.

Nov 20, 2016

Always something to be Thankful for...

I am so thankful for the opportunity to finally get my hands in the dirt again. There is just something about playing in the dirt that seems to bring me a sense of inner peace.

Life can get out of balance at times....

Being in my garden, smelling the fresh earth, the feel of the friable soil between my fingers as the brisk autumn rain dashed acrossed my face has eased my worries away.

I have found my center again!
As I pulled up spuds today, I was excited to see some real "Biggies" in the pile. The Largest ones have been sorted out to be eaten first.
The regular sized ones will be stored in an underground bucket in alternating layers of spuds and garden dirt as a makeshift micro root cellar. 

I still need to toss a plywood lid over it and add an insulation layer and it will be good to go.
The "bitties" were replanted back in the dirt to overwinter for next years harvest.

Oct 23, 2016

Death of a Garden- Is it the end or just the beginning?

A stroll through the garden marks the end of a growing season.

I  have a sense of loss, as it all comes to an end.

I have serious doubts as a gardener...

There have been a fair amount of failures along the growing season, 

along with periods of sheer neglect.

The garden reflects my weaknesses as a gardener!

 I am reminded of the intentions and enthusiasim I once had at the begining of the growing season!

Maybe I dropped the ball.. or maybe I was busy playing the game of life!

One thing is for certain...This garden has a forgiving heart deep down in the depths of her soil and awaits the new season to give this gardener another shot at getting it right!

Sep 13, 2016

First Frost

This morning marks the first frost of the season for our little garden.
I have been somewhat in denial that Winter is actually knocking on our door, and I will sadly have to say goodbye to Summer once again...

Jack frost has kissed the Squash and I'm faced with the reality that the Seasons must change.

Sep 8, 2016

Flying by

Summer flew by at the speed of light and the garden just didn't get my full attention that it deserved. It was a season of change for my family in many different aspects, for many different reasons. We have slowly adjusted to the changes and look forward to what the future has in store for our family.

Through it all, my little garden has still produced a plentiful crop with much to be thankful for!

Aug 7, 2016

Beet it!

We have been enjoying fresh shredded Beets from the garden, sauteed in a pat of real butter and seasoned with just a dash of Salt & Pepper... A simple Summer side dish!

Jul 26, 2016


Making room in the was time to thin the carrots!

Ya gotta love "Carrot Pants"

A tasty early morning treat....Fresh from the garden!

Jul 21, 2016

Good Bugs vrs. Bad Bugs

This is my first year growing Artichokes in my Zone 5b garden. I have read that if you start them early enough and transplant them in the garden when it's still cold enough, you can trick them into producing the first year.... 

I was super happy to see Artichokes forming on 3 of the 5 plants in the garden, with one exception....

Only one of the plants was completely coated in aphids and ants...the others were sparkly clean!

This plant still looked healthy and I didn't have anything on hand to organically treat and eradicate the aphids. I painfully made the decision to leave this Artichoke to it's unsightly demise as a sacrificial lamb.... In hopes the others would be spared from such an unsightly death.

these creepy crawly pictures were taken on July 9th.

After discussing this with my Garden club gals....One of the girls mentioned that sometimes if left alone the Ants are actually doing some farming of their own. 

Well, fast forward to today (12 days from the first photo)

The same Artichoke plant is completely and utterly wiped clean of any trace of aphids and the Artichoke has grown :-)

Looks like the Good Bugs won this round!

Jul 9, 2016

Mystery solved

Had this beautiful mystery blossom growing out on a trail on our property...I knew I ad never planted anything like it in the past 17 years since we have lived at the property...Well, thank goodness for Facebook....
My neighbor happily told me it was a volunteer from her property known as Lychnis Coronaria
Looks like I will be moving some a little closer to the house to enjoy the vibrant electric  pink blossoms. I found detailed information on saving seeds over at Defining Your Home, Garden and travel

Big Broccoli

This garden girl has been away from her blog for way to long....Never fear, she's still happily living life and playing in the dirt every chance she gets :-)

Today's harvest... Big Broccoli! We have been harvesting smaller heads here and there, but this by far was our biggest yet! Guess what's for dinner ;-)

Jun 15, 2016

Chilly.... with no frost!

My garden made it through the night. With the mornings light and the threat of frost now gone... I headed out to the garden early this morning to be sure everything survived.

Thankfully the temp. only dipped  to nippy 37 degrees.

 Took a few moments to harvest the garlic scapes that were begging to be picked.

Jun 14, 2016

Frost Warning!

We covered what we could...and will set the sprinklers to come on in the wee hours...

Jun 12, 2016


I started these beauties a little to early this year and actually worried they were getting root bound in the greenhouse while we waited for spring frost's to pass...They got a little leggy but held in there. I was able to get them into the garden about a month ago. Planting started early this year due to a warmer than usual Spring.

They've filled in beautifully, and have really added a vibrant interest to the flower bed. Nasturtiums are easy-to-grow annuals whose leaves and flowers are not only beautiful but edible, as well!

Jun 9, 2016

Positively Peonies

Life has been racing at the speed of light for us around here lately!

It's always good to just take a silent moment and enjoy the simplicity and beauty that abounds and surrounds us....

May 24, 2016

Chive Blossoms

Chive Blossoms
The Chive Blossoms have arrived early this year....I love how much flavor they add to a simple dinner salad. We just gently rub the heads apart and sprinkle into our salads...Super easy! 

Chive Blossoms are gone before you know it, use them while you can!

Chive Blossoms added to a simple dinner salad

May 9, 2016

Mothers Day

 Mother's Day was spent peacefully at home tooling around in the garden...Honey planted my new "Little Kim"Lilac and fixed the water pump in my fountain :-)

Apr 25, 2016

Sleep over

Got a little scared of dipping temps...these little stinkers got to have a sleep over and stay inside last night....The greenhouse has warmed back up, so out they go ;-)


Here is an update from our post  last Fall Re-doing the flower bed.

 I love how it turned out and plan on planting zinnias after the tulips are finished up with their beautiful display.

Apr 24, 2016

Pure Delight!

Last night's rain took it's tole on my daffodils . Poor planning on my part, directly planted under the eave's of the green house.

(Note to self*-The greenhouse may need gutters!)

I woke up this morning to see the blooms perfectly face planted in the dirt. A little blast with the garden hose, a whirlybird spin through the air to dry them out and...

They were back to "Beautiful" once again!

Now they will join us inside and we'll enjoy them for the rest of their journey.....

Pure Delight!

Apr 17, 2016

Potting up

It was high time to pot up the tomato starts...
  • Rutgers
  • Opalka
  • Sungold
  • Sicilian Saucer

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