Nov 20, 2016

Always something to be Thankful for...

I am so thankful for the opportunity to finally get my hands in the dirt again. There is just something about playing in the dirt that seems to bring me a sense of inner peace.

Life can get out of balance at times....

Being in my garden, smelling the fresh earth, the feel of the friable soil between my fingers as the brisk autumn rain dashed acrossed my face has eased my worries away.

I have found my center again!
As I pulled up spuds today, I was excited to see some real "Biggies" in the pile. The Largest ones have been sorted out to be eaten first.
The regular sized ones will be stored in an underground bucket in alternating layers of spuds and garden dirt as a makeshift micro root cellar. 

I still need to toss a plywood lid over it and add an insulation layer and it will be good to go.
The "bitties" were replanted back in the dirt to overwinter for next years harvest.

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