Jun 6, 2018

Time to get back in the garden...

Time really slips away sometimes...This past month was consumed with my day job and preparing for one of the biggest vintage shows that coincides along with my soapmaking business. That left me neglecting the garden once again. Yes, the weeds are trying to take over again but I am determined they will be tackled and conquered by this weekend. I am behind on my planting schedule too. I will just get what I can... when I can... planted!

So, there's that!!!!

In the meantime, I am enjoying the blessings of the Iris's blooming and harvesting the lettuce that didn't need any special attention while I was preoccupied with other things.

May 3, 2018

Simple pleasures

Simple pleasures are simply being so satisfied that your daffodils are up after a long winter and still having toys left around the yard from your now adult children!

May 2, 2018


Look what's up!!

These ones are planted inside the deer fencing this time...Now we can enjoy!

Apr 6, 2018

Must be Spring...

Although, there is still plenty of snow around the yard... The garden has completely melted out this week. I have never been so happy to see dirt!

This was the year of the never-ending Winter. Ughhhh! Am I getting old? There are those days I just don't want to deal with snow...You know the yucky end of Winter snow!

 As for the birds, they are happy for the change as well, we have been enjoying the sounds of the Cheeseburger bird, watching the Robins work at building their nest under the eves of the house and digging worms and the little Chickadees have been house hunting and scoping each birdhouse out for a potential love nest.

Mar 10, 2018

Garden tool

Well, at the moment this is the only garden tool that I'm able to use... Forcast is calling for much needed sunshine and warmer temps... Not too much longer now.... Looking forward to the great melt out and getting gardening season under way!!

Pepper Sprouts

Little Jalapenos are up and enjoying the sun in the kitchen window

Mar 5, 2018


I've found a fun way to stay garden motivated through the snowy month of March. A garden themed photo a day challenge hosted by the Rooted Garden on instagram....Follow Jen and the Beanstalk on instagram and join in the fun!

Feb 28, 2018

Seed starting in baggies

 The Winter's are long here in North Idaho, so I am always willing to try something new while I wait for the garden to melt out. This time I've decided to try the baggie method to start tomato and pepper seeds.

Look at all these little sprouts!

Seeds were simply placed on a damp paper towel and placed in baggies zipped 3/4 of the way and just placed out of the way on a table in indirect light.

This is what they look like a week later.

I did wet the paper towel so that the sprout would gently slide right out of the soggy paper towel.

The sprouted seeds were then placed in potting soil as I continue to wait for Spring!

Practicing ...Patience!!!

Somewhere under that mess is my garden.....another winter storm warning underway and I am truly trying to work on my patience!!!!

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