Aug 7, 2017

Going to have myself a good cry!!!

No, I'm not emotionally distraught....I'm just going to cut into my Ailsa Craig onions for a fresh Cucumber Onion Salad today 😋 and enjoy!

Aug 5, 2017

Seeing Purple

The Royal Purple bush beans have been in flower and just starting to show their pods.  I'm loving all that purple in the garden. Looks like a good harvest coming my way ;-)

Aug 4, 2017

Fading like a flower

Calendula is starting to buckle and faint in this heat, the Bee balm is on it's last leg. Enjoyed them while they lasted :-)

Aug 3, 2017

That's a mouthful

Love these cute little vintage kitchen scrub holders. I can remember my grandmas scrub holder from when I was little and helped her wash the dishes.. I recently found two of them at a thrift store and without hesitation knew what I would fill them with...

A garden fail

This is my Achillies heel this year...Pickling cukes!

First ones started were eaten by mice in the greenhouse. Round 2 isn't looking to swell either. I read somewhere in interenet land that companion planting cukes with sunflowers will sweeten up the cukes. looks like an epic fail in my garden. These babies are on their last leg and it's not looking to good at this point!!! Guess I will be pickling wax beans instead.

On the brighter side...The slicers in the greenhouse are Rock stars!!!

Aug 2, 2017

Aug 1, 2017

Junk Truck

Filled my little Junk Trucks with some hens and chicks.  Now let's go play in the dirt 🙌

Leaf roll

It's getting Hot...and my little garden is starting to show signs of heat stroke.

Tomatoes are still looking ok for now but the leaves are starting to curl...Yikes! 

I 'm thinking it's Physiological Leaf Roll  

I 'll just have to keep an eye on them and see what I end up with. 

Jul 30, 2017

Working overtime

The ladies have been working overtime in the coop...

I always enjoy the simple chore of collecting eggs....unless one of the ladies has eaten her Wheaties and is in full blown "Broody Hen" mode. Some how it takes the fun out of it when they're testy.

Jul 27, 2017

Let the sunshine in...

Heating up here in the Northwest... with no rain in sight my garden welcomes in the morning light. The self-seeded sunflowers are standing proud and tall and are just beginning to smile upon my little spot of Heaven.

Jul 23, 2017


This weekends fun find.... the cutest little hand carved Welsh Love Spoon.
A little history.... 
The carver of a love spoon would incorporate certain designs into his spoon, meant to convey a special meaning to the lucky recipient of the spoon. The spoon is symbolic and it tells the recipient that the he wishes to keep her and provide her with food and with everything else that she may need.

A heart told her that he was giving his heart to her. 

The links in a chain told her how many children he wanted. A chain could also indicate the linking of their lives together.

A diamond shape cut into the spoon expressed the hope of good fortune and wealth.

The keyhole told her that his home was hers.

How sweet is that?

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