Mar 10, 2018

Garden tool

Well, at the moment this is the only garden tool that I'm able to use... Forcast is calling for much needed sunshine and warmer temps... Not too much longer now.... Looking forward to the great melt out and getting gardening season under way!!

Pepper Sprouts

Little Jalapenos are up and enjoying the sun in the kitchen window

Mar 5, 2018


I've found a fun way to stay garden motivated through the snowy month of March. A garden themed photo a day challenge hosted by the Rooted Garden on instagram....Follow Jen and the Beanstalk on instagram and join in the fun!

Feb 28, 2018

Seed starting in baggies

 The Winter's are long here in North Idaho, so I am always willing to try something new while I wait for the garden to melt out. This time I've decided to try the baggie method to start tomato and pepper seeds.

Look at all these little sprouts!

Seeds were simply placed on a damp paper towel and placed in baggies zipped 3/4 of the way and just placed out of the way on a table in indirect light.

This is what they look like a week later.

I did wet the paper towel so that the sprout would gently slide right out of the soggy paper towel.

The sprouted seeds were then placed in potting soil as I continue to wait for Spring!

Practicing ...Patience!!!

Somewhere under that mess is my garden.....another winter storm warning underway and I am truly trying to work on my patience!!!!

Feb 18, 2018

Best Date Ever!

Oh, he knows this garden girl so well! 

Dirt & Seeds.... I'm all his!

Well, guess who forgot to stockpile a bail of potting soil last Fall to have for early plantings this Spring? Ya, this garden girl did!!!

Why stockpile Potting soil???? 

Because potting soil this time of year is hard to come by, or is frozen solid on pallets and is so much cheaper when it's on clearance at the end of the previous season.

Yes, we were the only crazies out there today pushing our cart through snow, ice, and single digits.

The seeds were impulse buys...Darn seed racks get me every time! 

Feb 14, 2018

Valetines Day Snow

There is just not as much magic in Valentine's Day snow as there is in Christmas snow...

Winter is still chugging along and I haven't even gotten around to planting anything for the new year. I'm hoping to start some onion and pepper seeds sometime this week.

Feb 12, 2018

She takes notice...Photography Blog

If you have been following along.... I have decided to create a separate blog for my Photography, as I take on photo challenges and learn something new.

You are welcome to follow along at

Feb 8, 2018


Oh it's true...I'm daydreaming about Spring and how I want all that snow in my back yard to melt!!!

Jan 30, 2018

*Whole Lemon* Ginger Water

Large Jar of Fresh Lemon Ginger Water

I've weened myself off of any sugary drinks for over a year ... Coffee with half and half is a whole other animal. I have really found myself relying on a hot cup of coffee for comfort and relaxation. I've tried with all my might to drink it Black (yuck), with other non-dairy milk's and nothing strikes my fancy or compares to my favorite bad habit. I have decided instead of cutting it out, I will simply just cut back and be mindful of how many cups I have a day.

Part of that plan has been lemon water. Usually, I set up my half gallon canning jar with sliced lemons on the counter as a reminder to drink more water throughout the day. The goal is to get that half gallon in by the end of the day.

Today I tried something new...and I like it!

A frozen lemon, the peel and all with a chunk of ginger all blended up and added to my water. Studies have shown that the lemon peels have 10 times more nutrients than the lemon itself and aid in weight loss and detoxification and have cancer-fighting properties. Win-win!!!

I have to admit that I was a little worried that it would be too bitter for my taste... but actually, It was quite good and I will now make it part of my routine.

Jan 28, 2018


garden planner ap

Rainy Day planning...My garden is under mountains of snow and today is as glum as all get out...Pulled up my garden planner at Growveg and making a plan for my 2018 garden. 

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