Dec 26, 2014

Winter Harvest

The greenhouse is unheated and still needs a ridge cap installed,  it get's pretty cold in there. The only winter goody growing inside the greenhouse at this time, is a handful of  tattered American Flag leeks. 
The dirt is still soft, making  it easy to harvest. 

Let me tell you, nothing compares to the smell of  pulling up a fresh veggie out of the crisp, sweet, earth in the middle of winter. 
This fragrant Leek will be added into our dinner tonight....Yum!

Garden view in December in my North Idaho Garden

Dec 23, 2014

A Christmas Surprise

I came home from work yesterday, pulled in the driveway and noticed my Greenhouse was glowing with a magical surprise. The guys had spent the day rummaging through the shed piecing together old odd and end Christmas decorations to pull off  the ultimate Christmas surprise!

My camera doesn't pick up how beautiful this truly is at will just have to take my word!

Dec 11, 2014

Inside the Cold frames in December

This past week has been unusually warm for December.What little snow we had, has melted.

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining!!!!
The mild weather has allowed me easy access to take a peek inside the cold frames, and see what  is actually growing on in there.

While everything is still is still slowly, but surely growing!

Note to myself : Looks like you need to plant just a little bit earlier next year Jennifer, you could be harvesting in December.
Although, the herb garden is looking a little sad this time of year... the Sage is looking like a Rock Star! 

I love this prolific, cold hardy, perennial!

I forgot to harvest it in the Fall...
Looks like it waited for me!!

Dec 5, 2014


Not much to report on the garden this time of year...

So we have been busy with the other side of our lives at the soap shop. One of our recent projects was rescuing a little childs hutch.

It was found and rescued in this condition....
Complete with magnet stove top burners, Batman stickers and flower stencils.
I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder....
Because this is what I seen in her the entire time! 
She makes a great little display piece in the shop,until she finds her forever home!

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