Feb 8, 2015

Planting in February

Champion Radish Seeds -Cherry Belle Type
After days of rain, the Sun finally decided to peak out...It was beautiful and abnormally warm for this time of year.  I took advantage of the weather and planted a few garden goodies, pushing the limits and testing seed hardiness for my growing zone.. 

Who says you can't garden in the Winter?

Sprouted Radish Seeds

Radish seeds are amazing. After soaking, these little guys unfolded overnight and begged to be put in the dirt. 

The main garden is still under snow, but the soil in the greenhouse is totally workable.

Square Foot Planting Board

I also planted a few squares of beets in the greenhouse too.

Starting Sugar Beets in cold frames in North Idaho Zone 5 Garden

White Sugar beets were planted in one of the cold frames. The seeds are covered with vermiculite to make it easier to identify seeds from the weeds. There are a few Spinach and lettuce starts in this frame as well, and they should really take off after February 15th.,  when the daylight hours are up to 10 hrs. again.

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