Jul 16, 2017

Lavender a must!

My garden wouldn't be complete without the addition of Lavender....

Today's small harvest has scented the entire house. 

I like to place all the discarded leaves and broken stems in a pan of water,  to steep on the stovetop for a little while. The scent is amazing!!!!

The little bundles will be hung to dry.


  1. You inspired me to cut mine today! Yes! Sometimes I just hate to cut flowers because I love seeing them in the garden, but sometimes ya gotta do what ya gotta do ;) . And with lavender I suppose I shouldn't even think twice.

    1. Holly,
      I had a hard time harvesting mine too...There was a happy little humble bee working away as I harvested..I felt the guilties but quickly reminded myself that I have planted and provided many blooms for them to enjoy :-)

  2. How I would love to have that much to harvest! My one and only plant didn't make it through this past winter.

    1. Oh Jill....I am sorry to here that ;-( I only have two plants but I am thinking I need to add a couple more for next year!


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