Apr 23, 2009

Garden turned

The snow has finally melted and we were able to get our hands dirty, turned the garden beds and thanks to the bunnies we were able to add lots of poop to the beds this past weekend. The leaf mulch from last fall decomposed perfectly and we were rewarded with a bounty of worms and night crawlers (Shhh... don't tell,the chickens just couldn't help themselves to a few of the plump little morsels).

The sugar snap peas were put in on Monday, lets hope with the upcoming rain and snow warnings for this week that they will be safe and sound.

We found a surprise under the leaf mulch...My garlic was already springing up! We put the garlic into a container to be relocated.

The chives are already up and at em'... I have been craving chives, so their timing is perfect!

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