Mar 24, 2013

Prepping to grow a giant pumkin

The future site of a Goliath pumpkin.....we hope!
This spot was always called play land central.

The boys grew up playing in this part of the yard with their big plastic kid toys, and spent endless hours swinging on the tire swing.

As the boys have grown and time has passed, most of the big plastic play toys are long gone. Play land central hasn't been in use, for quite some time. 

The snow  melts away from this area first and receives plenty of sunshine. Not wanting to sacrifice the amount of garden space it will take to grow a giant pumpkin, this looks like the perfect spot to try.
 I would have liked to have prepped this spot last fall... but, this past Sunday would have to be the day. 
I cut a hole in the weed block fabric, dug a hole, and removed the lifeless sandy soil. 
A wagon full of hot chicken poop,  fresh from under the roost was added  and mixed with a wheel barrow full of  rich garden dirt
with two months to go go until planting time, the poop will have time to compost down, and enrich the soil, in wait of the heavy feeder to come.

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