Apr 6, 2014

A Productive Yard Day!

I had to relocate the chives last weekend...and it looks like they are having a good time in the new spot!
The Lettuce starts have been planted in the garden a little early.
I will be reusing the paper cups they were started in, as cold caps for protection from the frost.
Cold hardy Kale and Spinach have also been moved from the cold frames and transplanted into the garden.
Summer Love Sweet Pea Mix has been seeded around the garden entrance, in hopes of a spectacular Summer display.
We were busy knocking out our garden chore list today. 
  • Troy was very diligent working on the greenhouse 
  • the boys were in charge of raking the entire yard, cleaning up piles and burning.
  •  I pruned all shrubs, vines and rose bushes, cleaned out and amended the flower beds, planted more seeds, transplanted starts and made dinner. 
All in all, it was a very productive yard day!

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