Learning Curve

On Sunday, we went to Mom & Dad's for family dinner...We arrived back home after dark and simply forgot to bring the tender plants from the greenhouse in for the night...

So, not a good play for the home team.....

It froze!

Not a little freeze... but, frozen hard dirt in the seed trays.... kind of freeze!

This is what I woke up to on Monday morning!
I panicked and brought the trays inside, put them under the grow lights, said a prayer and headed off to work. Amazing enough, I only lost 2 Sicilian Saucer tomatoes, and 5 Rutgers tomatoes, 3 California Wonder Peppers, and 2 Yolo Sweet Peppers

How on Earth, the rest of the tomatoes and peppers survived.... is beyond me!

Here's what the trays look like today....
I will chock this one up to.... greenhouse beginners luck!
Guess who will be remembering to bring in the tomato and pepper trays, until we get a heater in the greenhouse?


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