Jun 16, 2014

After the rain

Picking Daisies in North Idaho
Enjoying the small things today....Sometimes we are so busy trying to contain, shape and control our gardens, that it's nice to slow down and take notes from Mother Nature. 
Fresh picked Daisy after the rain in North Idaho
After weeding the garden and battling the gophers..I took a little time to walk around the property after the rain. We often overlook daisies...taking them for granted. They grow anywhere, simple yet persistent and tenacious. 
Johnny Jump up blossom in North Idaho
Along the path through the woods... Johnny's have jumped up little and proud!
Johnny Jump up blossom in North Idaho
Along the way, an unexpected surprise... A Mountain Lady Slipper Orchid!
Mountain Lady Slipper Orchid in North Idahoand.... I have surely found the place where the fairies dance!
Little pink tinker bells everywhere!

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