Jun 10, 2014

Full Bloom

Enjoying the Big, Beautiful Blossoms of the Clematis that grows on the back step. This plant gets the least amount of attention of all the plants in the yard and seems to reward us with the most amazing amount of blossoms.
 I planted this about 15 years ago and didn't really have any other idea about gardening, other than you put the plant in the ground and it should grow....Little did I know!

The year after I planted it, we had our driveway paved and the pave crew had paved our walk way, right up to the back step. The clematis roots were covered by the pavement and I was sure that I would never see it again. 

The following year it surprised me by coming back bigger and more beautiful. Each year, she ups the ante with her bounty of blossoms.
I am thankful for her patience and understanding through the years, as I learned that there is more to gardening than just plunking a plant in the dirt!

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