Sep 14, 2014

Sunday Garden Harvest

The garden was hit by a hard frost this week! Temps at my house dropped down to 26 degrees. I covered the tomatoes...but, everything else suffered significant damage. 

So, today was spent cleaning out the garden, saving seeds, and harvesting what could be saved.
Not much is left in the garden... 

Calypso Beans are still trying to finish drying on the bush, there is still a row of carrots for winter harvest, lots of green tomatoes on the vines, and the zucchini is hanging on by a thread.
There are still blossoms and a couple little zuckes on the plant.

All the leaves were blackened by frost and have been cleared away....
I'm not sure how much more I will get out of this poor little thing!

I was happy to get the potatoes harvested a little earlier this year, as well!

With garden clean up almost done...It's time to start planting a few things in the cold frames.

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