Oct 21, 2014

Hey girl.....nice "Melons"

This was my very first attempt at growing melons...I started the seeds a little late, and wondered if they would even have enough time to grow.
I had room for one vine in the greenhouse....So the cantaloupe start got thrown in there.  
The impressive results....4 itty, bitty, little melons that weighed in at meager 4 lbs.

I know, you're impressed! 

I was too ;-)
When these were harvested, they were not vine ripe, and were quite hard! 

To be honest, I didn't think they would even ripen up! 

After harvest, they spent 2 weeks in the fruit bowl on the counter, doing nothing. 

A stray ripe banana got thrown in the bowl to keep the melons company. After adding the banana to the fruit bowl, the melons ripened within 2 days.

Thanks Banana.....I think, I may just have to try that trick again!

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