Oct 5, 2014

Tomato Harvest

Wheel barrow full of red & green tomatoes
It was high time to harvest all the tomatoes off the vines...

I have been so busy and just haven't had the time to really keep an eye on the tomatoes. Feels like I have been playing a game of roulette and needed to deal with them, before a heavy frost took care of them for me!
making homemade tomato sauce with a squeezo strainer
I pulled a total of 58 lbs.of Tomatoes off the vines today and decided to try out the Vintage Squeezo Strainer I picked up at an Estate Sale last year.
Squeezo Strainer
The Squeezo Strainer is AMAZING!!!!! 
Tiny Tim Cherry Tomato Harvest
It made dealing with hundreds of little cherry tomatoes a snap and short work of the big ones too!
There is no need to peel them....The strainer does all that... for you! 
seeds and peels extruded from the squeezo strainerThe seeds and peels are separated from the juice and pulp...making it easier to save heirloom seeds if you are ever so inclined. 

The Squeezo Strainer is still being manufactured today and can be found at squeezostrainer.com 

I highly recomend this strainer....... 

If you are lucky, you can still find a deal on ebay...or keep your eyes peeled at Estate and Yard sales for a bargain.
Green Rutgers VF Heirloom Tomatoes
With plenty of green tomatoes still waiting to ripen up....I am Thankful to have this strainer on hand to make my life a whole lot easier.
Harvest of Green Rutgers & Sicilian Saucer tomatoes on the farm table

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