Feb 22, 2016

Souper Sundays

Garden confession: The boys don't share my enthusiasm for parsnips. I've tried cooking them many different ways, to no avail. 

So being the sneaky mom that I am, I found a way for them to eat parsnips without complaining.

Straight up....shredded in soup!

This Sundays soup, met all my needs to feed my family on the cheap...
Not only was it meatless, I was able to hide fresh Parsnips and dried Kale in it.

Stretched for two nights worth of meals and was even better on day 2 with compliments from my teenager....woop! woop!

It's the small victories that can make this mom happy!
I love that soups are so forgiving, frugal and can be made in larger quantities with endless possibilities...I never follow a recipe and always just throw one together with whatever is in season or on hand.

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