Feb 26, 2016

Lasagna Gardening Update

Do you remember our post about Lasagna Gardening from last year? 

We combined two garden spaces together and chose to cover the grass in between with cardboard, amendments and deep mulch?

Well, patience is a virtue....waiting was the hardest part of this whole...."no work" method.

Last year was excessively dry here in North Idaho, with wildfires all around the region, unfortunately the garden wasn't watered regularly and was neglected for long periods of time while we preoccupied ourselves with the fire danger. 

In the end the deep mulch did it's job and we still reaped a harvest.

I didn't expect much from the lasagna gardening portion because, we did absolutely nothing with it! 
Now that the snow has melted off the garden, it was time to see how our "Lasagna" turned out.

The mulch has broke down a lot and I was surprised to still see intact cardboard underneath the mulch. Beneath that the  grass is broke down and gone....perfect!

We are planning on not tilling the garden this year and putting the "No Dig" garden method to the test.

Not the most beautiful time of year for my garden...Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I can see beautiful things in the near future!

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