Apr 21, 2015

Lasagna Gardening

We have two garden beds...The larger garden measuring 32' x 30' and is fenced. The additional garden measuring 25' x 20' is not.

The smaller garden was an addition a few years ago, to grow pumpkins, garlic, and potatoes. The deer never really bothered these crops, so we never really bothered to fence it. 

With scheduled crop rotation for this year, the smaller garden needed to be fenced or the deer would be celebrating in all of our hard work.
We decided to combine the two gardens and extend the fence. The 7 x 20 f t grass space between the gardens would need to be removed. 

Removing sod is back breaking work!

We decided to take the lasagna gardening approach and cover this space with cardboard, ash from the fire pit and chicken manure.We will also deep mulch this space with old hay and let Mother Nature and earthworms do the dirty work of removing the sod.

Nothing will be planted in this section this year.

The new fencing has been installed and the overall garden now measures 57' x 30'
Let the planting begin ;-)

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