Apr 3, 2015

Not like the others...

Tomato starts are coming up nicely...

 My Black Krim Tomato seeds  are from Pinetree Garden Seeds and had a 100% germination rate, but as you can see one of these starts.... is not like the others!
The stalk on this start is thicker and taller than the others. The leaf shape is rounded out compared to the tomato start pictured below.
I love surprises....
I can't wait to see if this one is a Stud or a Dud!

*Update* A big "Thank You" to reader Lara at  Woods Forest Home who let me know that this is a Potato Leaf variety. The first I had heard of such a thing. Where have I been this whole time? I found this Post on Potato Leaf Tomatoes written in layman's terms over at This garden is illegal hop on over and check it out if you are like me, and did not know about Potato Leaf Tomatoes.


  1. That little black krim is a potato leaf variety like many heirlooms are so it's looking just like it's suppose to. I'm sure it'll be a stud :-). You have a beautiful blog...I happened upon it via Skippy's Vegetable Garden. It's so exciting to think it's time to get things started again!

  2. Thanks for the reply Lara....that's why I garden...I learn something new everyday!


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