Apr 12, 2015

Deep Mulch Method

Chances are if you are an organic gardener, you have already heard of  the Ruth Stout Gardening Method. 

Ruth Stout Gardening Method

We have been using this method for a couple of years with amazing results, but have typically used the fresh cut grass from the lawn, as our mulch of choice. It works fantastically well, with only one problem...The gardens have grown the last couple of years and we haven't had enough grass clippings to cover the entire area.

Deep Mulching the garden with old hay

We have decided to start off the 2015 growing season by covering the entire garden with old hay.

 No more bare dirt gardening!!! 

We will pull back the straw in rows to plant and then push it back into place as the seeds begin to sprout. We will continue to use the lawn clippings to side dress rows and cover any weeds that dare pop up.
Ruth Stout Garden Method

We have learned from experience that deep mulching greatly reduces weeding and watering. As you can see in the picture below, the garlic is up and enjoying the mulch without a weed in sight.

Mulched Garlic Rows

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