Jan 23, 2017

Canning Suprise

Today was the day...

After saving my pennies, I finally splurged and purchased a brand new American Pressure Canner this past Summer. 

Well, Summer came and went and this beauty sat in the box unused until today.  

After making a Turkey dinner and boiling the remains down, there was more than enough stock to can.

All American Pressure canner racks discolor after first use

After canning was complete, I was shocked when I opened up the canner..... to find the brand new racks and inside had been discolored black...

I certainly wasn't expecting that and quickly headed to the internet to make sure I hadn't ruined my new canner after it's maiden voyage.

All American Canner discolored black after first use

 It looks like it's pretty common and can be cleaned with Vinegar or Cream of Tartar.

This canner is a BEAST!

I really appreciate being able to double stack and ended up with 12 pints of Turkey stock.

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