Jan 26, 2017

Winter project

I love taking pictures and always have! 

Up until now, I have been a point and shoot kind of gal. With encouragement from my big sister, I took a huge leap and bought a big girl camera... 

A Nikon d7200 to be exact ;-)

I have taken some time on these quiet winter days to learn more about photography... Better yet, I learned how much I need to learn about photography!

The snow slowly drifts and flitters around outside but I am perfectly cozy and content inside learning about this whole new world of imagery.

This Lesson was all about learning and understanding the basics of fstops. 

 with a smaller aperture, the f-stop number is larger and my depth of field is wider allowing my little fruit in the background to be in focus, showing off those cute little dimples.

with a larger aperture, the f-stop number is smaller which makes my depth of field smaller, in turn, making my little fruit in the background softer and out of focus.

It took me a bit to grasp the concept that larger equals smaller and the vice versa smaller equals larger, but I finally got the hang of it!

Have you taken on any new projects this winter?


  1. Great to have a new camera! Great picture too...
    Have a lovely weekend, take care.
    Love from Titti

  2. Your going to be an amazing photographer.


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