May 11, 2014

Coffee Date in the greenhouse

I love Sunday mornings..
Sunday mornings in the greenhouse with my honey and a cup of coffee is even better! A great way to start my Mother's Day!
I think our North Idaho, Vitamin D deprived bodies have been craving sunshine....The greenhouse is the perfect happy place to enjoy each others company ...My heart is HAPPY!
Tomato starts in the greenhouse in North Idaho
We took a few moments to enjoy the the peace of Sunday morning before we were off and running! 
Scarlet Kale starts on an old kitchen scale in the greenhouse
Today was set aside, to get yard work done at the soap shop, hauling wood, and helping Nana & Papa get their garden tilled.  A busy day indeed!

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  1. I did not think anyplace on earth one could be more sun deprived than where I live in WA state. Ohh... I can hardly wait to get out of this rainy gray skied for days on end... town. UGGGG. Your greenhouse is so sweet. Sun makes me happy also.


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