May 3, 2014

Transplanting Onion starts

 Life seems to be picking up speed at a rapid rate these days, so much going on with family and work... I sometimes wonder where I will find the time to garden...

My heart finds peace in the garden...I must find the time to make it happen!
Planting Ailsa Craig onion starts with a square foot gardening board
This afternoon, I found a little time to get the onion starts out.

I used the new square foot planting boards Troy made.... and I love them!!!!

Setting a straight line and then using the planting board, sure made the job a whole lot easier.
Row of newly planted Ailsa Craig onion transplants in North Idaho
 Approximately 150 Ailsa Craig onions planted down the row.The Singing Heart Surprise starts are doing quite well, I sure hope it's not a weed...Time, will tell!

 I transplanted them into an old wine barrel this afternoon, in order to keep them contained until I can figure out what the heck they are!

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