May 19, 2014

Planting Hanging Baskets

My cheapness is starting to show here...I am not willing to pay big bucks for one of those beautiful hanging baskets at the nursery, and I am a little late in the game to start my own petunias and other container flowers for this season. 
 Recently, my dad gave me the most beautiful gift any garden girl could ever want....Rusty, crusty, iron hanging baskets, from an old salvaged greenhouse! 
I decided to plant the geraniums that we picked up at Westwood Gardens in Rathdrum, and directly seed Sweet Peas into each basket. I'll have to wait just a little longer to have flourishing baskets...but I won't have to shell out my hard earned $$$
The Sweet peas we added to this old enamel bucket, has a rusted out bottom. We transplanted the sweet peas into the bucket just a few short weeks ago... and already it is looking great!

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