Here's to a Prosperous and Fruitful New Year in the garden!

I've had a little time to sit and reflect on the garden and the past year, I find myself overjoyed with the outcome and results of the harvest that we were able achieve in our small home garden. 

Each year is a learning curve!  There has been success and failures along the way, yet I have a hankering to learn so much more. 

Keeping track of produce last year, gave me a real  perspective on harvest totals.

571 lbs of edible produce for the family.....Can you believe that?  

It was a few short years ago that I was gardening in one 4ft. square. Well, things have gotten a whole lot dirtier since then, and the garden has grown some!

So, after giving it some thought....Here's what I would like to achieve in my garden, this year...
  • Prune Apple trees and apply Dormant Oil Spray 
  • Plan and execute better succession plantings
  • Start flower seeds sooner
  • Sow seeds for winter harvest....This will be a learning curve.
  • Add a new heirloom variety
  • Save more seeds
  • Add at least one row tunnel for fall and winter 
  • Make a worm composting bin
  • and get more canning done


  1. Oh my goodness too! I've counted 6 of your goals as mine as well. Every garden season we all want to get better at it, don't we?


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