Jan 3, 2015

Storing the Harvest

 Onions are added to almost every meal cooked  here at the Cedar House.

I wasn't always an onion lover.

I eventually learned to stop picking them off my plate, and acquired a true  love for Alliums.

This year there was an abundant harvest of Ailsa-Craig Heirloom onions in our garden. While these onions are amazing, they are not for long term storage.

You can check out my previous post about the harvest here: onion-harvest 2014
We keep the onions stored in a harvest basket, on the cold, hardwood floor in the kitchen. While we use a lot of onions, we still haven't made our way through the basket. 

Some of the onions are starting to sprout, and some are starting to get soft and squishy...eeww!

So, for today's project...Time to sort onions into Sprouters, Dryers and Keepers.
The Sprouters will be planted in pots for now, and then transplanted in the garden this Spring. 

I have high hopes to save seed from these delicious heirlooms.
The Dryers, were cut and placed in the dehydrator. Drying will take place in the greenhouse to keep the eye burning smell out of the house, until they are dry.
The Keepers are still in good shape and will remain on the farm table for future meals.

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