Jan 1, 2016


It 's that time again to reflect upon this past year, to really think about what worked, what didn't and what changes you may want to implement in the upcoming year.

I am always amazed at how quickly time slips away and how fast a year can really slip through your hands.

Constant and true, time steadily and gently slips away.

As I ponder the past for a moment and take note, I can conclude...

My life is Simple, yet Good and I am Happy!

My mind wanders and delightfully leaps to thoughts of the future ahead.

Here are a few of my simple attainable resolutions I have set for myself this upcoming year :


  • Consolidate seed varieties 
  • Plant the seeds I already have and make minimal seed purchases
  • plant a small strawberry bed
  • Keep better records on garden production
  • Stay on top of succession planting
  • Purchase an All American Pressure Cooker for canning Season
  • Garden with Winter Harvest in mind and install and plant a low tunnel
  • Conquer the compost heap and turn on a regular basis

Family, Home & Finances

  • Better Meal Planning
  • Eat out less
  • $5 Buck Challenge (more on this later)
  • One no spend week a month  to be added to savings (more on this later)
  • Lower our Grocery Budget by $50 a week and consistently add this to savings
In the Coop

  • track egg production
  • track feed and chicken needs expenses

What Resolutions will you be making this year????

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