Feb 13, 2017

Little sprouts

It's mid-February and my little greenhouse is still well buried amidst the snow.
No heat in the greenhouse means we have to fire up the grow lights in the house to get a jump on the growing season. 

The Peppers, Petunias, Pansy, Viola and Onion were started mid-January 

A few lettuce varieties and spinach were started early to see what we could grow in the house for an early harvest with many more successions planned.

The onions starts are looking great and have come up good and strong this year.

 The Pansy and Petunias are taking their sweet little time and are supplemented by the heat mat

Tomatoes, Eggplant, Kale, Chinese Lantern, Gaillardia and more lettuce seeds were all started yesterday. 

We are full steam ahead and the growing season has began!

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