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Seed line up for 2017

Gearing up for the 2017 growing season, I have finally put together my seed list.

Some varieties are tried and true and among my favorites to grow, while other will be new to me and my garden and might be a push for a short growing season.

Drum roll......


  • Tendersweet 75 days







  • Dixie Queen*new to the Beanstalk


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Evicting Spider Mites

Signs your plant may have a Spider Mite infestation You may notice small brown or yellow dots on the leaves of a plant Upon further inspection, you should start to see very fine silky strands of webbing on the plant.Up close you will notice the spider mites moving around in the webbing
My poor little Lemon tree has recently come down with a case of Spider Mites.
I want to treat this right away.

I wrapped and secure the pot with a kitchen trash bag to keep the potting soil dry.

  Quick trip to the shower for this little tree since it's only around 10 degrees outside today in North Idaho. If you live in a warmer climate you could save yourself the trouble and do this outside ;-)

The shower will wash away cobwebs and most of the mites.

Then apply homemade insecticidal soap using the following ingredients you  have around the house.

Homemade Insecticidal Soap  1/2 gallon of Luke warm water1 TB. Dish Detergent1/2 TB. Olive Oil1/2 TB Rubbing Alcohol

Shake well and add to spray bottle. 


Good Bugs vrs. Bad Bugs

This is my first year growing Artichokes in my Zone 5b garden. I have read that if you start them early enough and transplant them in the garden when it's still cold enough, you can trick them into producing the first year.... 
I was super happy to see Artichokes forming on 3 of the 5 plants in the garden, with one exception....
Only one of the plants was completely coated in aphids and ants...the others were sparkly clean!
This plant still looked healthy and I didn't have anything on hand to organically treat and eradicate the aphids. I painfully made the decision to leave this Artichoke to it's unsightly demise as a sacrificial lamb.... In hopes the others would be spared from such an unsightly death.

After discussing this with my Garden club gals....One of the girls mentioned that sometimes if left alone the Ants are actually doing some farming of their own. 
Well, fast forward to today (12 days from the first photo)

The same Artichoke plant is completely and utterly w…