Feb 21, 2017

Poppy Fever

Last Summer I was bitten by the Poppy Bug.....and as a result, I ended up catching Poppy Fever!

If there is such a thing?

Here are a few of the Poppies and their seed sources, I plan on adding to my garden.

Fruit Punch photo source: swallowtailgardenseeds

Beauty of Livermere photo source: swallowtailgardenseeds

Danish Flag photo source :swallowtailgardenseeds.com

Pink Fringe Full Pom Pom  photo source: Shelley*

Scarlet Peony photo source: onestoppoppyshoppe.com 

Red & White Taffeta photo source:onestoppoppyshoppe.com

and.....That's not all!

  • I also saved seed from my everblooming Tangerine Spanish Poppies
  • Unknown Red Poppy seeds from my mother's garden 
along with unknown seeds a friend saved from her garden in shades of
  • light pink
  •  pink
  • light purple
  • purple 
  • burgandy

13 different Poppies! 

What was I thinking???

Well, here's to adding more color to the garden this year!

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