August has been unpredictable...wet...wild...and windy, with a lot of crazy lightening and thunder booms.

Through it all, my little garden has hung right in there!
Loving this shot from the upper garden...Carrots, Onions, Pumpkins, Corn, and Beans are doing pretty good.

All of our Cabbage has been begrudgingly  donated to feeding our local deer population. 
Sadly this is not the year of Cabbage at the Cedar House (((arghhhhhh))1st planting was lost to gophers, 2nd round planting has all gone to the deer...

I guess...You win some and you loose some!
On a happy note, Onions are big enough to start harvesting.
The Zucchini is plentiful, and our trusted zucchini bread recipe never disappoints. 

You can find the recipe Here