Aug 18, 2014

Jam packed

The Raspberry harvest, has abruptly come to a grinding halt. I am greatful to have been able to pick loads of berries and put them in the freezer, until I could get back at the task of making jam.
We set up the water bath canners on the front porch, to avoid heating ourselves out of the house.
Jars were sterilized and filled with the bubbly, hot lava of sugary bliss. 
Two batches of Raspberry, a batch of Blueberry-Raspberry, and a batch of Pepper Jelly  have all been canned.


  1. Ok, I'm jealous - the most I get is couple of raspberries right off the vine. Maybe next year when they're more established we'll get some to really eat.

  2. Jenny...Thanks for dropping by :-) My Raspberries took a good 3 years to really establish and boy do they ever produce now... They are worth the wait!

  3. Yah! A fellow canner :) I am intrigued by the pepper jelly. I have always wanted to try making some. What is in your recipe and how does it taste? Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog too!

  4. Everything looks so yummy! Can you please share your pepper jelly recipe? : )

  5. Thanks Mike n April and Lexa for dropping by and leaving a comment...Will do a pepper jelly recipe Post for you guys :-)


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