Aug 9, 2014

Saving Seeds

The Peas that were planted this Spring, provided us with a bountiful harvest. As the harvest slowed, and Summer temperatures soared...The Pea vines have all dried up. Allowing the remaining pea pods to dry on the vines nicely. 
Harvesting dried Peas is rather simple... Once your peas have dried thoroughly and are brittle, pull each vine one by one and pick them clean. 
Once all the dried Peas have been picked, we throw the vines in the compost, and place the peas in a bag. Any bag will work, we used a random oven turkey bag that we had on hand, but even an old pillowcase would work just fine.
Give the bag  a vigorous shaking... smashing....and then, a little more shaking! 
This helps break open all the dried pods.
Hand pick, out the dried pods and double check for any that didn't open on their own. The dried pods are put into the compost pile too!
Dump the dried peas into a colander to shake and sift any fine debris that might remain.
We like to put our dried peas into a sealed glass jar and save for replanting in the Spring.

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